GitHub Educationの資格を延長した

[GitHub] Coupon expiration reminder
と思ってみたらどうにも二年前ぐらいにGitHub Educationに登録してたらしく、それの期限がそろそろ切れるよーっていうメールでした。

Hey there,

Thanks for using GitHub! A while ago you used a GitHub coupon that was good for $7.00 off 2 years of GitHub. This coupon will expire in 13 days (December 03, 2018).

If you are still a student or teacher, you may apply for a new academic discount coupon at

We noticed you haven’t entered any payment information yet. If you’d like to continue using the plan you’re on (Developer – $7/month) you’ll need to add a valid payment method to your account. After your coupon expires, we’ll charge your account and you can keep using your plan without interruption. – enter a payment method

If you don’t want to continue your current plan you can delete your private repositories and downgrade to a free plan.

We hope you’ve enjoyed trying out GitHub’s private features. Please let us know if you have any questions — reply to this email or contact

Thanks for being awesome,
The GitHub Team


Powerup get! Welcome to the Student Developer Pack.

Hey xxxx xxxxx, we have some awesome news

We’ve upgraded you to a plan with unlimited free private repositories, which will be free for the next two years. After that, you’ll get an email saying that your coupon is expiring. You can reapply for another coupon if you still have academic status. We don’t have any collaboration limits, so any group projects you may encounter can be hosted via your account.

If you need help getting started with Git and GitHub, check out:

We’ve also given you access to the Student Developer Pack, available at:

If you have any questions, contact us:

Spread the word: we love giving educational discounts to students, teachers, administrators, and researchers! Please send them to:

Have an Octotastic day!

– The GitHub Education Team


ちなみにDigital OceanのクーポンなどがもらえるStudent Developer Packに関しては更新されません。残念。